Hw-Xc508 Microwave Sensor Module 5.8g Frequency Motion Sensor Module

Model NO.
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Product Overview
HW-XC508 is the latest dual-board microwave induction module of the company. Its appearance is exquisite, the circuit structure of the product is simple and compact, the performance is stable and cost-effective, and its cost performance is high, especially suitable for other electronic appliances such as intelligent electrical appliances, security products, lighting products, etc. Secondary development of the field. This product can be widely used in security monitoring, intelligent control systems, lighting appliances (garages, corridors, roads, etc.)

Working Principle
According to the Doppler effect principle, the HW-XC508 microwave sensing module uses a planar antenna to transmit and receive high-frequency electromagnetic waves, and then detects a slight movement change of the folded-back wave, which triggers the microprocessor to work. Finally, the OUT output is 5V. High level signal.

Professional 5.8G fixed-frequency plane horn antenna design, field-shaped transceiver signal, wide coverage, high consistency, low power consumption, ROHS-friendly, and strong anti-interference ability, free from temperature, humidity, airflow, dust, noise, bright Dark and other effects.
When the product is used indoors, the sensing effect is better; when it is used outdoors, the sensing distance is slightly reduced or the sensitivity is slightly weak due to the influence of the environment. This is a normal phenomenon, and the user does not have to question the product.
Induction time
 The default repeatable trigger: after the first trigger output signal, when the sensing area is triggered again, the module delay time will be superimposed again when the first trigger time is not stopped (for example, the module trigger time is 2S, and it is accepted again in 2S). The sensing signal is superimposed 2S again, and there will always be an output signal when it is continuously triggered without interruption. Non-repeatable triggering: The sensor is triggered once, and the time is not superimposed (for example: time 2s, trigger once, output 2s, no multiple triggers are considered invalid within 2s, time is not superimposed once for 2s)


Model HW-XC508 —– Fixed frequency module
Input voltage VCC DC-6V-24V / 300mA DC:V+ Note: Please pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative+ -
Working current V/A <15mA Note: Power supply is required by constant power supply
output voltage VOUT H:5V L:0V TTL(1—0)
Induction method Doppler motion detection(SENSOR installation is not move)
Induction time Time:customize 2s-120s(3326) Adjustable: with direction recognition
Induction distance SENS:customize 0.5m-12m Adjustable: with direction recognition
Trigger mode Repeatable trigger (default)   Non-repeatable triggering is not supported
Radiation frequency 5.8GHz±100MHz  
Transmit power <0.3W    
angle 90°-360°   Determined by SENS
Photosensitive 5p-1/ 3P-1 Blocked OUT when receiving light Photosensitive sensor (default)
Operating temperature -20~80ºC   Ambient temperature
Dimensions L23 X M22 X13   mm
port PJ-2.54 V+ OUT GND Output (default without connector)